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Postby EclecicGroove » Tue May 19, 2015 2:11 pm

Trensharo wrote:Sure have.

Back in the day they put huge XP walls up at level breakpoints because they didn't invest in any content for those level ranges. When the level cap was 80 there were no level 79 or 80 skills, but level 79 was 5x level 78 and there were almost no level 80 zones (unless you want to count IT and FoG). The used the XP walls to artificially control how fast players progressed, so they they had more time to develop the content out. It wasn't until Interlude that they added the 79 and 80 skills, which ironically came with new 79+ leveling zones and then they tweaked things like the XP tables, SP Costs on skills, etc.

What they're doing now is completely different. They aren't putting up walls to stifle progression to buy themselves development time. They're basically increasing XP requirements to drive L2Store revenue because with faster leveling there is no incentive to "subscribe" to those Rune Packs, buy Runes to Stack, or buy a ton of XP/Vitality Potions.

The difference in XP Requirements is purely a business decision, to fuel revenue generation. I don't even really care if Ferine is fine with the XP Requirements because my point had nothing to do with whether or not someone. It was about the rationale behind it.

Yeah, I wouldn't have cared if this was the way it was everywhere. But it isn't. We got our own little special blend of garbage.

100 is a bit of a pain to get to, doable, but a pain. Speaking from a standpoint of someone who isn't no lifing, botting, or spending a ton of money in the ncstore.
101 was to be a reprieve after that. Kind of a reward for people sticking it out. 102+ was going to be the exclusive playground of people who spent a LOT of money and/or time in the game.

The change to 101/102 to "even it out" means that even among those who hit 100, many more will take considerably longer to hit 101, but those spending a fair bit of money (or lots of time, or both, be it legit or otherwise), are going to hit 102 much quicker.

I know I was initially planning to do a quick gun to 101, then back off. But after this change, I just lost all motivation to even care. I wouldn't mind 101+, but at the same time I just can't justify spending so much to get there. Either in money or in time. Only one clanny hit 101 at the moment, and he was pushing HARD for it. He was spending 12+ hours a day grinding, powerleveling people in exchange for vit holders + spending his own money and adena for additional XP items.
We don't have perfect parties or aoe groups, people keep leaving for other things, or getting discouraged by the grind and/or P2W stuff and leaving. So we could go faster, but it's not even remotely an easy thing to do. Most of the groups I see in the new spots that aren't filled with OP toons are pretty slow/terrible.

I just can't even remotely see myself putting in that kind of time and money anymore to get there fast.
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Re: Infinite Odyssey

Postby Trensharo » Thu May 21, 2015 10:57 pm

The game hasn't had major issues, or even multiple minor issues with Windows 8 since that OS was in Preview and very shortly after release. They released a few GameGuard patches and virtually all of those issues went away.

That's why the epic Windows 8 support thread on the Official Forums has been dead, for YEARS...

GameGuard sometimes classes with other services or drivers on the PC, like there were Google Chrome issues with it several months back.

But that has nothing to do with the Windows OS, but the Software and Peripherals you have installed, which is extremely hard to troubleshoot given the almost infinite combinations possible in a typical Windows PC (making it very hard to even replicate the offending system to see if GameGuard is actually the issue).

There are no Windows 8 issues with GameGuard or Lineage II. You're living in a Time Warp if you seriously believe that.
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Re: Infinite Odyssey

Postby sface » Thu May 28, 2015 7:32 pm

Hi all, I'm lf video about Sayha's Seer, can someone help me?

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