Lf info about archer of Infinit Odyssey

Lf info about archer of Infinit Odyssey

Postby CoSmoDREAM » Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:29 am

hello ppl as I said on my topic subject

I wonder to archer what changes to archer in this new update ? pve/pvp can you share your opinion and things about archer ?

[*]Archer can do it solo warp + iss ? skill boost really is good ?

[*]Does increased possibility of lethal hit ? on mob ? or still same ?

[*]if I wil do +20 pinpoint shot skill enchant lethal hit possibility will be same or different ?

what about pvp ? is it good as dagger or mage ?

and sorry I'm always qq with my ghost sentinel yul archer. I'm playing eu.4game on core server we still didnt get new update and still we didnt know when we get new update . always our server

admin/GM sleep . they dont give us good information even didnt open any1 topic about IO PTS .

thats why I asked here.

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