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Postby Elmar » Thu May 19, 2016 5:35 am

Yume wrote:Elmar,

Do you know if the world Olympiad is porting to a new server like the dimension raid? Or just regular port to stadium like now?


It's like the Dimensional Raid. The participants from all servers are gathering in one place (서버 전체의 참가자가 자리에 모여), the "dimensional" Olympiad Server: ... C#hd106432

This means that a player from Naia would directly fight against a player from Chronos. But as Juji said, there won't be a World Olympiad at NCWest: ... page=6#106

I fully agree with that decision. NCWest has more players than Korea, and after the recent merge anybody can get into a match within two or three minutes. What with players at NCWest being distributed over many timezones, a World Olympiad would probably result in longer waiting times than with our current server-individual Olympiad system. I myself, for example, already don't do the Olympiad during daylight savings because a start at 21:00 is simply too late for me. Of course I won't stay up untill after midnight and not even get Giant's Energies for my trouble :)
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