[Chronos] WTS Polearm / WTT for S84 LA

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[Chronos] WTS Polearm / WTT for S84 LA

Postby Rick » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:05 am

What I got:
+4 Vesper Stormer (pole) <no SA> 150 Dark (WTS ~200kk)

What I want:

Light Armor set w/ 15x60's elements - either Vesper Noble or Vorpal - will trade either of the above + Adena
(Also will consider Moirai Masterwork)

Also misc stuff for sale:

Pretty much any LS's and Cubics (lots of D/C/B/A shiny), Dyn LA(Archer DE2) set w/ 5x60-ish elements, EWAs, EWSs

mail offers UncleBob in-game
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