[Chronos] Perfect: Recruiting.

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[Chronos] Perfect: Recruiting.

Postby deathbringer » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:41 am

Clan Name: Perfect
Clan Leader: Lindra/Tarya
Clan Level: 9
Number of Members: Just started recruiting.
Most Active Days/Times: Evening/Weekend
Clan Activity Focus: Levelling / Raiding / TW Badges
Any Recruitment Requirements?: No drama.

What else would you like to tell prospective members about your clan?: Recruiting all levels and even alts. Perfect is an old clan that is recruiting anyone who wants to find a stable core of players for the upcoming GoD update. Primarily pve neutral clan that enjoys each others company. We pvp when we want to. Looking for a solid base to hit lvl 99 and consider a few allies. Must be easy-going and enjoy the clan skills
Vent is a plus, but not required. Again leave the politics and drama at the door if you decide to come in.

PM xStigmata in-game or message me here until site is operational again.

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