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Some questions regarding Tera

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 9:21 pm
by Lineage
Well I'm thinking to give it a try, since it is free to play also. I check on the internet and it seems that is published by 2 different companies.

EnMasse for US territory and GameForge for EU. First I wanted to ask if someone has any info which community has more population EU or US?

What is the difference between PvP and PvE servers? PvP ones are open world PvP like L2, or it has PvP arenas like WoW? At PvE servers are there PvP arenas?

Any info would be welcomed, if someone has tried it out.

Re: Some questions regarding Tera

PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:22 am
by SirBash
I really don't have an answer to those questions but... I personally hated it... Played like a cheap console game to me.

Re: Some questions regarding Tera

PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:42 am
by Gregorrr
I've been playing Tera for quite long now, both on NA and EU servers, so I think I could give You some answers :) (I love the game by the way, it's really fun and challenging, and also has quite friendly enchanting system).

Considering the 2 publishers - EnMasse's servers have definitely higher population. Generally EnMasse is considered by the community to be the better publisher. That's because they offer better support, they have active GMs that regularly appear in game (for example when a big discussion on the global chat turns into a flame war then a GM often speaks up to calm people down), they have more events (we haven't seen the double drop event in EU for ages, although it often makes the instances laggy due to the sheer amount of people that play then) and they also install patches/content updates a bit earlier (1-4 weeks, depends on the size of the patch I guess).

On the other hand EU servers have the obvious advantage of lower ping if You play from Europe, like me - their servers are in Germany, while EnMasse's in Chicago. My usual ping to EU servers is 60-80, though sometimes it becomes unstable for whatever reasons, while for NA it's 170-200. Tera is a game that requires lots of clicking, smashing buttons and fast reactions so the higher ping on NA is quite noticeable, especially on the fast classes like warrior, but after some time You would probably get used to that.

From my experience: if You plan to do PVE only then You will be fine whichever servers You choose to play on. You will probably be able to clear all the content the game offers anyway (providing You're skilled enough :D You really need to have quick reflexes and agile fingers if You aim at the top gear and clearing the hardest instances). On the other hand, if You plan to do serious PVP then You should try out the EU servers, because in Tera fighting against players who have 2-3x lower ping than You will give You huge disadvantage. Unless You plan to do PVP casually and for fun only, but I don't think that's the point here.

About the differences between the 2 server types - yes, the PVP servers have open world PVP just like L2. They also have something we call battlegrounds, there are a few types of those. Battlegrounds are a kind of big arenas, for which players can queue up and where they get teleported once they are enough. Then they get divided into 2 opposite raids and fight each other (You are actually required to use some tactics if You plan to win; for example in one of the battlegrounds You have stuff like cannons, gates, ladders on walls, airships, crystals that You need to break etc. :D).

There's also another thing for You if You're interested in PVP - something like "parallel worlds", much smaller than the main world, where the 3 factions of the game fight for dominance. You can basicaly enter those anytime and during certain hours PVP is active in there, while during certain hours it's inactive (it follows the fixed schedule). Also, every Sunday sieges happen there and the players who belong to the 3 factions fight for prizes.

The only different thing on PVE servers is that the open world PVP is turned off, everything else is available on them as well. Besides that, from my experience the community on PVE servers is more friendly and helpful :D

Quite a lot of text, but I hope I've helped a bit :) If You have any other questions feel free to ask.

Re: Some questions regarding Tera

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:09 pm
by Lineage
Thanks for the informations. I chose EnMasse mostly of its' fame as company managing Tera, than GameForge. I don't have any problem regarding lag/ping or such, when i hit a button, it cast the skill without any delay.

I joined a pve server cause i am new to the game and want to see how it proceeds. Server is Tempest Reach.

I love the game. Many features are WoW like (i used to play, so things like crafting,gathering etc are familiar) but what i love the most is the combat/skill action!!!Need brain cells, that bots don't have.

Currently 15 level HighElf archer and keep going (Can't resist boobs.... :D )

If i manage to reach end game and become familiar with everything regarding the game, maybe i join a EU server just for the pvp and only.

PS bb NCwest, i hope a better company takes the copyrights of the game for that territory.