ArcheAge [EU] Black Swans - lf only organized groups

ArcheAge [EU] Black Swans - lf only organized groups

Postby Alarion » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:42 pm


Hello fellow players, My name is Lempartus and me and my guild is comming to play here with you all. We come from the game: Lineage 2 (Eu server Core). Due to the current state of Lineage, we were looking for a change since some long time, that is when we discovered this awesome game, it is exactly what we were looking for!
Our clan "Black Swans" has been created 3 years ago in the game: Lineage 2(L2). Most of us have around 10 years of experience in MMO games (mostly in L2).
Right now we around 150 or more people playing and testing ArcheAge on Beta and Alpha servers. We are aware of the possibilities offered by this game and we need more people to play this game at its maximum potential. At this point this game is similar to Lineage 2, about having a big organized clan to achieve all available content. We are going to play on the 1st EU server from list (Shatigon) on west side (Nuia), we hope that all top clan/groups will choose the same server to have as much competition and PvP on top lvl as it is possible. As for Ex-Lineage 2 players, there isn't anything more important and thats why we are so charmed with ArcheAge!

Who are we looking for?
- Only organized self-sufficient groups - minimum 5 ppl which can take care about their basic needs. In Lineage 2 we were a CP (Constans Party) based system where every group was doing their basic stuff, together had best PvP experience with inside it and was ready for any task what clan was asking for. Clan Leader was talking mostly with party leaders instead of wasting time to talk with 300 ppl alone everytime. Clan was working really great at this point and was saving much time about basic dailies.
- Basic English is necessary as this clan its international (EU).
- Advanced players at least in groups who know what they want and what they want to achieve
- Team Speak 3 (we have our own on dedicated private server). All most important information are given there in easy simple way, we have meetings with our party leaders regularly. We dont use forum.

Who we definitely dont want?
- Single units who just lf some clan to spam on @ and doing nothing around. This game is created for mass PVP mostly where alone you cant do 80% end game things.
- Groups that cant cooperate with other groups (as clan leader demands) cause of personal disputes with other groups inside clan.
- Inmature people.

If you and your group is interested or have more specific questions, then PM me or write in game (Lempartus or Alarion - he is VCL) on Shatigon server.

Looking forward to have some fun with you all, see you in game.

Our fraps from l2:
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Re: ArcheAge [EU] Black Swans - lf only organized groups

Postby Alarion » Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:10 pm

Hello i just wanted to say we changed our mind and decided to go Kyprosa (2nd server) instead of Shatigon (1st server) bcs shatigon is 90% spanish / russian server and most good organised PvP grps after a lot of talk together decided to choose Kyprosa as best PvP live server spread info to friends who might be interested to play with a lot of ppl from Core / L2 : )

on this link u can check clans on Shatigon
and clans on kyprosa :

Also clan has almost 10 CPs (some of them +20 ppl) and we have 150+ ppl.

Head start on this incoming friday!
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