Let's boycott our lovely game L2 and NCSoft!

Let's boycott our lovely game L2 and NCSoft!

Postby lineagor » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:26 am

Dear Lineagers,

It is time to take action against this company which only care about how to charge our money!

It is time to take back our lovely game Lineage 2. It is time to enjoy it like we did the past years!

Please, feel free to sign this petition and spam it across the world.

Link to petition
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Re: Let's boycott our lovely game L2 and NCSoft!

Postby Illogical » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:41 am

You have to learn the game and learn to cry less.
I know plenty of people that don't spend anything and yet able to buy things like Bless Valakas just by playing the market correctly.
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Re: Let's boycott our lovely game L2 and NCSoft!

Postby Elmar » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:25 pm

You are of course free to boycott L2@NCWest or L2@Innova or in whichever territory you play. I myself for example have never purchased one single NCoin in my whole life, not out of a particular dislike against NCsoft, but simply because there is nothing in the L2Store I would want. But that's a personal decision, something you do for your own satisfaction and/or peace of mind.

Do not deceive yourself that such a boycott would in any way help you to take back Lineage 2 resp. to enjoy it like we did in the past years. The fundamental misconception here is that NCsoft would care in any way about the continued existence of a game they are phasing out anyway. Check the graphs here:
The age of PC-based games is coming to an end; now it's all about mobile games. In the last fiscal quarter NCsoft generated a revenue of 550 million dollars from Lineage M vs. 15 million dollars from Lineage 2 worldwide.

If people insist on giving NCsoft their money, they will gladly take it. But if your boycott finds lots of supporters and the revenue doesn't cover the cost any more, Kim Taek-jin will simply pull the plug, without one moment's hesitation and without one single tear shed :D

Also check what MYSTERYouse just wrote here:
He is absolutely right.

There is no way out. You either pay and die in real ife of starvation, or you don't pay and your character dies on the server for lack of electricity :mrgreen:
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