Two Questions on Mage build

Two Questions on Mage build

Postby Lineage » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:37 pm

First, do we know what is the correlation between magic crit damage and magic attack? And by that i mean, for every 1% decrement of magic crit damage (from buffs or items) how much % of magic attack increment should one get, so if a magic skill crit, the damage to be the same?

In a simple example, if my total magic crit damage is 30% and my magic attack 10,000, i remove a buff and i end up with 25% magic crit damage, how much magic attack should i add so i can get the same damage on a magic skill crit?

Second, how can i found out which buffs Magic Impulse excludes/replaces, both awakened and pre-awakened? From the pre-awakened buffs i' m mostly interest in Unicorn Seraphim's m.atk. buff, all prophecies, SoS, CoV and CoM.
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