Postby Deja » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:22 pm

Hi guys. Some people told my friends that they "solo" it with a 104+ DD (1st 2 phases) and then the same toon switch to his 101 level dual to kill the axe and still get full drops.
I'm here to ask if this is true and we are just wasting adena for full party drop runes (and still getting crap q-q).
Thanks :D
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Re: Tauti

Postby Lineage » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:53 am

There are plenty of videos on Youtube showcasing that this true for open field Raid Bosses and for instanced ones like Kamaloka 99 and Kartia 95.

I wouldn't be surprised if it works the same on Tauti as well. Why wouldn't anyway...
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Re: Tauti

Postby Aram » Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:28 am

I was farming like that a few times. Main destro 104 lvl, dual Berseker 100 lvl. Drop become a little bit better, but not so profitable that each RB give me the ring or the fragment. I think one of 10 tries give me fragment (with Maphr's Rune). If someone in your party reach 102-104 drop rate heavily decreased and using all party players Maphr's Runes only for Tuaty that bad idea...
In my opinion, more profit which can get middle player (destro 101-103 lvl with +8 PvE gear) for farming Adena its just exping at Atelia Fortress. 3rd base for beginners, 2nd for nice equiped players, and 1st for good equiped players :D
Also, I can recomend buying Abundance Talisman, just 1st lvl, that give my destro much more def. and attack power than it type in description (as it seemed to me).
Hope it help :)
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Re: Tauti

Postby Illogical » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:39 am

For Tauti actual drops are calculated on the majority of damage done on the hammer. Because the hammer drops, not Tauti itself.

In the past, with big raid CC (when everybody was still 97-101) I disbanded the CC at the hammer stage and we formed one Lv99-100 party with Drop Runes to increase our chances on drops. As long as the highest damage contributed comes from a player within 3 levels range of the 'boss' you do not negatively affect the drops.

Same 'trick' applies to the cannon on Istina, third phase of Octavis. Ekimus is a bit harder to pull off, since it has no distinct phase. But will also work.

For stuff like e.g. Fortress of Resistance Clan Hall boss Nurka, we form a party with 1 high level DD that hits along till the boss is 50% and than just goes docile. This way the others, all in 97-101 range will finish the job will the high level DD will control mobs and/or tanks/kites.
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