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Postby Elmar » Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:56 pm

Aram wrote:
Aram wrote:2. Here someone will send a petition 'The Game Corporation Cash Control Act'. Actually don't understand how it works, but the same posts I was seen at RU forums :)

I found that petition! :D http://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/104938
As I understand its alias of Blue House (청와대) site (like White House in USA) and if it right that petition have a chance to go on politics table.

Now this is really interesting. The author(s) of the petition don't refer to a concrete law - knowing fully well that NCsoft has good lawyers who keep the company that one millimetre on the white side - but claim that the company considering all pixels as their own is "unfair"/부당/不當. They are so-to-speak taking a moralistic approach, pointing out that game worlds are an alternative, but nevertheless really existing society (게임은 또다른 사회라고), a place where people meet, sharing their emotions, pursuing common goals and improving themselves (현실과 또 다른 가상세계에서 사람이 사람을 만나고, 함께하며 감정을 공유하고, 함께 공략하는 맴버쉽 향상의 장), and this noble world is ruined by two companies, namely NCsoft and Nexon, who are pushing cash items into their servers (두 회사의 캐쉬 충전 유도의 컨텐츠 남발로 망가져 가고 있습니다). President Moon Jae-in (the slightly grey-haird guy with the wire-framed glasses in the center) and his cabinet are asked to enforce strict regulation of cash items (강력한 과금 컨텐츠 규제를 시행해 주십시오).

As I am typing this, 3,191 players have signed the petition, and after the petition period ends on Monday, February 19 (the first work day after the Spring Festival Golden Week), there will indeed be a briefing at the cabinet table:


Let's see what comes of this :D

By the way, Do Jong-hwan, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, who is responsible for video games, is not on the cabinet photo. That's him:

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