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How to upgrade a Shadow Weapon

PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:55 pm
by Elmar
As of the "Introducing the Power" update it is possible to upgrade a Shadow weapon into a Strengthened Shadow Weapon. For this purpose three very arduous one-time quests must be performed, i.e. only one weapon per character can be upgraded. All three quests can be picked up at lvl 99.

"The Weapon that Awakens the Blacksmith's Soul - 1"

Neti in Gludio sends you on an odyssey to meet several Blacksmiths. The last of them, the Blacksmith of Mammon, requires you to clear the Nightmare Kamaloka and the Atelia Command Post Instance 5 times each. Then 3000 (three thousand) monsters in the upgraded Enchanted Valley must be killed (if you are soloing it, you should be at least lvl 102).

"The Weapon that Awakens the Blacksmith's Soul - 2"

The Blacksmith of Mammon gives you 10 Shadow Ingot Fragments (tradeable) and tells you to have Neti synthesize 1 Shadow Ingot (non tradeable). The compounding (2 Fragments -> 1 Ingot) can fail; the honorable FirepowerDamagedealer had to give Neti 3 Fragments until she got her Shadow Ingot.

Image ... iasName=50

Then you must bring the Blacksmith of Mammon a +0 Shadow Weapon of any kind (the non-tradeable variety from the Gludio instance) and enchant it for him to +7. Using Lucky Stones, Giant's Scrolls etc. is permitted:

Image ... iasName=50

In exchange for the +7 weapon the Blacksmith of Mammon gives you a few Shadow Crystals you must deliver to Ishuma and Shadai so that they can participate in the research.

"The Weapon that Awakens the Blacksmith's Soul - 3"

The Blacksmith of Mammon tells you to go to Hellbound and collect at Beleth's Magic Circle 500 Crystals Enchanted with Magical Power (you get one from each monster killed) for Shadai; from the Upper Floor of the Giants' Caves you must bring 500 Ores Enchanted with Giants' Energy for Ishuma (also one item per kill). If you are not lucky, the Blacksmith of Mammon will send you back to Hellbound or the Giants' Caves to bring again 500 items, depending on his mood up to 6 times. But in the end he will give you your Strengthened Shadow Ingot which you can take to Neti who will use it to upgrade your Shadow Weapon:

Image ... 4#hd107387

Image ... 061&page=4

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One week after the patch went live, the probability to receive the Strengthened Shadow Ingot early on has been increased: ... eId=620986

Re: How to upgrade a Shadow Weapon

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:12 am
by Elmar
Here is another, very detailed guide for that quest series: ... iasName=50
(Special thanks to Aram for the link!)

Re: How to upgrade a Shadow Weapon

PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 4:07 pm
by Arbogast
1st part.
After completing 5/5 Nightmare kamaloka 5/5 Atelia instance u already need to have 1 shadow Ingot in your inventory. If u have it, Blacksmith of Mammon asks for 3 000 fairies at Enchanted Valley and this part ends.

2nd part.
To start this part u need to still have 1 shadow Ingot in your inventory and Blacksmith of Mammon takes it right away from the start of Quest. Gives you 10 Shadow Ingot Fragments and you have to compound them and hope for getting Improved Shadow Ingot. I got left 5 Shadow Ingot fragments and seems to me if u are really unlucky you might end up needing another shadow ingot for BoM. Then u give Improved Shadow Ingot to BoM and he asks for any shadow weapon. When u bring any cheap shadow weapon he gives you R grade shadow weapon (dagger). If u fail enchant it go speak with BoM and he gives you another weapon without asking for another one from you. After giving him +7 shadow dagger this part end.

3rd part.
BoM immeadiately asks for 500 any mobs Giants Cave, 500 Hellbound. After u have done farming you get 1 QI from Ishuma and 1 QI from Shadai and with those 2 quest items you have to go to BoM and pray and pray and pray for succesfuly completing. 500 mobs is pretty fast in desert quarry/ captives so there is low chance for succes at BoM and you might need alot of tryes.

Re: How to upgrade a Shadow Weapon

PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 6:02 pm
by Elmar
Thanks a lot for the information, Arbogast!

So no cheating with an old pre-enchanted Shadow Weapon. This explains why R-Grade Enchantment Scrolls, Lucky Stones etc. can be used. If I understand you right, you just need a starter weapon and the Enchantment Scrolls and get an unlimited supply of "Shadow Daggers" from the Blacksmith of Mammon on which you can try your luck?

Re: How to upgrade a Shadow Weapon

PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2017 8:40 am
by Arbogast
Yes, no way around it. And you can even use Blue cards from tarots. I even tryed to save shadow ingot by trading it while dialogue, but quest shutted down.

Re: How to upgrade a Shadow Weapon

PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:02 pm
by zlz
i have situation like this:
my friend made +10 shadow, changed it to tradable shadow weapon, give it to me, i took quest on few chars, and give that weapon back to him, and he upgraded it with another shadow ingot. so to finish 1st part/start 2nd/3rd i still need that weapon, or it's just requirement to start quest?

Re: How to upgrade a Shadow Weapon

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:20 am
by Elmar
According to the quest guides, the tradeable Shadow Weapon/교환 가능한 섀도우 무기 is only a precondition/제한 조건 to start the first quest: ... %B8%B0+-+1

For the second quest you just need to have finished the first quest: ... %B8%B0+-+2

So the only question is, can you finish the first quest without the tradeable Shadow Weapon? According to the Powerwiki guide I would say yes (it's not mentioned/needed after the start), but I am open to corrections by anybody who has actually tried it :)