Quest - Kicking Out Unwelcome Guests

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Re: Quest - Kicking Out Unwelcome Guests

Postby Elmar » Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:54 pm

That's a really good quest guide!

I myself would have mentioned at the beginning that the quest is for players of lvl 95+, but people will see that anyway when they talk to Agent Georgio (note, unlike with the pre-GoD Seven Signs, Dusk is now fighting Shilen's creatures while the Lords of Dawn have become the bad guys).

Circling the NPC or a map location with the mouse pointer is a good method. You can also hover with the pointer directly over the yellow location marker pin on the map. Then a black notice sign will pop up that tells the name of the location resp. NPC and the quest you are on :)

Here is a table how much exp/SP and adena you get for 50/100/150/200 monsters of each kind killed: ... C%EA%B1%B0
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