Guillotine Fortress Massacre Execution

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Guillotine Fortress Massacre Execution

Postby Hamster » Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:56 pm

Some of them has transform (Rosenias), transform for longer time (Irenes), some of them kicks you into the air (Pafurons), but many mobs has a skill which can kill all melees - Massacre Execution. I know that Nagdus, Rosenias prolly, Hakais and other stuff down there has this ability.
Are there mobs or there is a spot without this skill? We was on crazy mode quest with clanfriends AoE on fishes, dies few times but there is no xp loss atm, and we are looking for an AoE spot for later weeks. Ofc first quest is going good on those fishes, but my question is: Which mobs does not have masacre execution if those mobs exist?
Thanks :)
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Re: Guillotine Fortress Massacre Execution

Postby Sabotin » Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:32 pm

I think all of them can do it. When a mob is on low hp (below 20% or so) it will either recast chaos shield or do execution. It can be interrupted, but it is kinda difficult with aoe, specialy when all the mobs are low and you get multiple executions in a row. You could try and keep the mob with the lowest hp on target.

If you're only 2 it might be a good idea to just kill 1 by 1. The bears are good for this, they often spawn another right before they die so you can kinda chain kill them without stopping. And they're animals in case you have a tyrr.
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