Delusion Chamber, drop penalties...

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Delusion Chamber, drop penalties...

Postby DRaggie » Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:56 pm

Hi :)
I am little confused with those things with penalties, mobs colours on high levels.
I am lvl 84. Mobs in delusion chamber (this first options - eastern, western) are... 80 like on drop spoil site or 81 like other drop site (updated to hf)? I have them all green. Mobs on Dragon Valley - Drakos which are 80 are light blue for me so as colour shows I have exp and drop penalty right?
As I see mob colour range from level 78 (from update with penalties on damage was added) was changed. 2 levels above - yellow, 3 levels below - green and 4 below - light blue...

Before it was:
9+ levels below you = Dark Blue
8-6 levels below you = Light Blue
5-3 levels below you = Green
2 levels below you to 2 levels above you = White
3-5 levels above you = Yellow
6-8 levels above you = Pink
9+ levels above you = Red

Next question: Delusion Chamber.
There is always crowded now (almost impossible to enter every day and every night...) eastern seal, and less popular western seal (this one with archers instead of assassins) where I am able to enter whenever I want. There is difference in drops between those two seals or ppls farm eastern cause it's easier seal?
And another question - anyone have noticed less stones drop in delusion or it's my bad luck (or drop penalty on green mobs on 84 lvl) ?_? Or maybe western seal has worse stone drop than eastern? Some time ago after 3, 4 rounds I had 3-5 stones, when lucky from 1 round - 6. Now I'm doing 3, 4 delu rounds and 0 or 1, 2 stones...
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Re: Delusion Chamber, drop penalties...

Postby Nadmaster101 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:29 am

I kinda noticed it the other day too, went 2-3 rounds and got 1 stone in a 3 man party. I used to get 5-6 stones per round. I was 80 originally when I went through it now I'm 84. So I am in the same perdicament that you are. The reason people farm the instance (as far as I know) is for the bosses at the end. They send in the BD, SM and run to the corner, keep doing it untill the boss comes in, send in the rest of the party, kill it and get 1% ish. I get about 1% at 84 with the nevits up. You can do 2 bosses, Eastern and Great Seal (i think that the right name) so you get about 2% a day. Double xp affects them as well so its 4% without effecting your nevits at all. They are simple bosses so its a free 4%.
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