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Postby EclecicGroove » Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:17 pm

Hiruzen wrote:Hmm oki, lets see how the second part of the pts is gonna be =). One question for the DC's, what dyes would you recommend? I like being in pvp, olys and a little bit pve with my clan mates. I was thinking of putting fighters dyes but as i could see in olys/pvp i do alot better with a robe and a mage weapon, instead of a light armor version, so mage dyes all the way?

same as any mage for oly for the most part. +4 Con - 4 str for survivability and either +4 or +5 wit and - men.
You could choose to go for something like + Int too, but I haven't played around with that on my DC to see how much of an impact that would make.
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