Low level spoiler leveling.

Re: Low level spoiler leveling.

Postby Agamidae » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:17 pm

You can also try to pole in upper GC, it's very easy, only crap for spoils...

For solo + spoils SV is the best spot i've seen so far, with only Domi buffs + wolf I can easaly spoil 500k/hr in keymats alone, adena drops and base mats are also nice...

I got my BH as main now and this event I'm going for lvl 80-81 (some of clan are gonna help me). In GoD I will be a DD, which is totaly awesome, tho for this I would reccomend to buy Light armor + (dual) dagger after lvl 80 and keep a cheaper heavy set (IC, Dyn etc) for pole.

By the way BH isn't completely useless in PvP either, spamming all skills it can do some nice damage...

I'm still lvl 77 (and 75%), going for 80-81 this event with help of the clan.
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