Fortune Seeker - subs and sub skills

Fortune Seeker - subs and sub skills

Postby Rohirrim » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:50 pm

I'm currently leveling up a BH to be my new main. The BH is currently a sub-class on a Spectral Dancer, but I will be doing a sub2main once I get the BH to 76+.

What I'm wondering is what other sub-classes should I add and what sub-class skills should I get?

So far I have been thinking of getting the barrier from the SD, sub a warrior to get the chance haste then sub something else to get passive focus. Is that a viable option? I'm going to use a dagger and light armor for most of the time and do some poling every now and then.
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Re: Fortune Seeker - subs and sub skills

Postby PuKaS » Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:51 pm

enchanter-Warrior haste- and if u are going to be pve summoner spirit-pvp master focus.
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Re: Fortune Seeker - subs and sub skills

Postby darth » Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:04 pm

enchanter - celestial
tank - ud
summoner - spirit or warriar - haste

best combos imho
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Re: Fortune Seeker - subs and sub skills

Postby Smittie » Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:09 pm

Like you said, get the warrior haste to complement your chance barrier from SD.

More than likely passive crit rate is the best last option, which you can sub anything to get.

As for dagger on BH, I tested it with 150 fire angel slayer crit dmg and drac set, 4/5 boss jewels, wc buffs (incl. cov) and dances.

Using that, exp was doable with a BH, but given the other changes to the class, I would prefer aoe in heavy armor until 81, and then maybe retry with dual daggers.

It could just be different play styles though, I usually solo with boxed support, you might have the time to look for more parties than me.
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Re: Fortune Seeker - subs and sub skills

Postby Onis » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:33 am

I can't tell you what's best but I can share my experience so far :-)

I have an 83 FS with following sub skills

Warrior Haste (Tyrant Sub)
Passive Focus (EM Sub)
Chance Celestial (BD Sub)

pre-80 polling in Fog with a SS150 Haste pole all skills worked very nice. Nice mix of attack/defense
Usually party was WC(with CoV), BD and a healer

Regarding sub'skills Warrior Haste triggers A LOT when polling, Passive crit, well its passive :-) and Celestial works as a free heal combined with VR but doesn't trigger as much as Warrior Haste.

Polling after 80 in FoG again but with Dynasty Pole CS healer is almost not needed.
If you have healer in party change spot to Stakato after 81. (FoG turns blue but still gives good xp if you solo with BD,WC OOParty)

Regarding dagger use I can't tell you anything before 81 but to be honest you should be polling to 81-82 especially with the changes after H5.
To tell you the truth, 'm actually starting to think of removing Passive Crit and taking Summoner Spirit from EM sub
At 83 (same for 82,81 I suppose) with +3 Icarus Duals (thus no focus) and Heavy Dyn DEII Crit rate is close to 350 with Songs/Dances/CoV and +3Dex-3Con.
So i'll probably change Passive crit when Daggers go to +4 (+109 crit if I'm correct) and get light armor.
XP with duals is more than ok.

Epic-wise i use AQ+OlyZaken but neither affects your crit rate.

Hope I helped
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