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Summoner diversifaction wishes

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:58 am
by Illogical
It's like on Opera's show. Every class is getting diversification, but will Wynns ever get one? And if we get one, what will happen to the class?
I think it's time to (first off, not piss of Draecke by going off topic like always when it comes to Wynn in normal patch discussion) maybe make a list of what we (Wynn players) like to see in the class to make it viable again as a party DD.

I am aware of the fact some still say Wynn are PvE monsters. Yes they're. If in possession of +15 Bloody Retri with lv5 Ruby, +15% P.Crit Dmg augment and being followed by SoS, PoM and whole army of support, and then still, this PvE monster thing solely applies to Wynn Elemental Masters. Because those ponies are the real bulldozers.

I don't know all names of the other summoner classes skills, because I've been SpM since 2008 so bare with me

What I would like to see in the diversification is:

1) Return to old summons. Thus a removal of Dark Crusader, Lancer, Banshee, Commander Cat etc. in favour of boosted and enchantable summons.
One of the reasons for me is that Spectral Lord was way more versatile then Crusader. It had the Jump skill which is 100x better then the Backstab skill. Soulless being able to AoE (even the AoE being a P.Atk based one). And the total lack of tank pet past level 100. Making these summons also enchantable (let's say not until lv100) in just +Power or maybe in +Warrior (to boost Atk.Spd/Crit.Rate) or +Defense (to boost P.Def/M.Def) to allow Wynns some more customisation on their skills.

2) Reverting Avenging Cubic back to Smart Cubic and reintroducing Mass .... Cubic. Having a equivalent of Mass Phantom Cubic back in the game would be amazing. I've been doing NM Kama small parties with just a lv85 SpM giving Mass Phantom Cubic before entering and that cubic lands like crazy. While Avenging Cubic always been stupid and non responsive. I've never seen Avenging Cubic really cleansing a debuff, while Smart Cubic does the job almost instantly. With the whole Cubic thing always being changed on tanks, maybe it's time to bring back some love to the Summoners cubics

3) Proper scalability. It's nice that a Summon is able to reach 1500 Atk.Spd and 600 P.Crit Rate but those numbers are hard to reach. Personally I only hit 1500 Atk.Spd while in BR the elusive 600 P.Crit Rate was only reachable on Cougars. I have no clue how they gonna work this out. Just doing a 100% stat transfer with Servitor Share will not work, because effects of Augments, Epics and other equip still doesn't transfer, and currently 75% transfer of an effect that raises a stat by 15% is nothing. This all will require a full class overhaul at core level and is unlikely to happen. But, personally, I really won't mind going back to even one Summon, if that means that one Summon is able to reach stat caps like a same equipped Tyrr, Othell or Yul.

4) AoE debuff marks, reform of Invoke, return of old skill.
- Making Wynn marks do AoE debuff. Maybe only when the Wynn has a toggle up, or after a specific other debuff that marks will become AoE effect. Feoh's now hit AoE with every nuke they do, making let's say Mark of Trick trigger AoE debuff of Weakness would benefit Wynns in party play tremendously. But, will only work if Mark of Weakness becomes the AoE mark, because AoE -Def Stat is what a party wants.
- In Valiance (going way back here) or was it Lindvior (?) Invoke got changed in enchant route making it completely useless. Unless ofcourse you're Pony Master. In the past the enchant route would just make it more effective but nowadays there is no real difference between a +0 Invoke and +20 Invoke. Except for the Pony Invoke, which decreases Def stats on target.
- Bring back Mutual Response and/or Excessive Loyality. We've seen NCSoft having great love for old skills, not removing PoWind/SoS, giving Tyrr classes back their old skills and being upgradable past lv85 with same name and effects. I know these skills are controversial, especially Excessive Loyality which allowed me to solo MoS like crazy due constant damage boosting. This of course can function as another change in the Rage system, which has been changed 2 or 3 times already. But the Rage system was and still is a terrible replacement for the old Excessive Loyality.

5) Proper class balancing.
This always been an issue. PS getting Nightshade with mediocre aggro skill, but keeping Death Spike for damage while WL and ES getting specific buff pets and losing their solo damage. SpM getting backstab +landrate debuff, while AL and EM getting -Element and -Pdef debuffs in Helios patch. Making those debuffs more effective in party and solo play. Lancers having Knockdown (Sorry guys, I have no clue what Kitty has) while Crusader has a backstab skill that doesn't work because Summons are designed to attack from front, and front-stabbing is dead. The Debuff Stone vs. Cross and Portal Stone.
I know the diversification is all about having differences between classes, and maybe yes... Wynns have had their 'fix' already but as a long time summoner player I see daily that there is a huge gap between the types of Wynns.

I can think of many more on the way and I can keep going with nitpicking small parts I don't like etc. but let's discuss =)