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Hello, I have been playing a male slh nuker style for quite some time now, and decided to reroll for a melee play style, my questions are: is it worth enchanting checkmate on dark ( i have dyn rapier +300 dark) especially when almost every end game player has 300+ dark resistance. or should i go duel? secondly, is it worth changint the ench. route of pride of kamael from m attack to p attack or even crit rate (shining edge succes rate) taking in consideration that i need m attack for my death mark to land. oh and one last thing, lightening barrier chance or activation? ty in advance
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Re: SoulHound

Postby EclecicGroove » Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:25 pm

I don't think it's worthwhile to change your skills up for melee style tbh. Slh at 76+ gain almost nothing but nuker skills. That doesn't mean you have to set it up to BE a nuker, but the majority of your skills and burst damage will be through those magical skills.

As to the specific skill questions:

Checkmate for duel is only worth it if it's high ++ already and you don't intend to use it much for XP as duel only factors into PvP.

Pride is better off with Matk due to the aforementioned greater number of nukes you have vs melee skills. Shining edge is not bad damage, but slh are squishy overall, much easier to stay back while crippling an opponent and nuking them. As mentioned, it also helps death mark land, which is beneficial for not just you but anyone else hitting your target.

As for barrier, I like activation personally. Leveling the skill via any route will passively increase it's chance to land as it increases the skill level. But I don't have a +15 one to test the real difference between the two.
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