Soulbreaker Earlygame

Soulbreaker Earlygame

Postby Squirt » Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:20 pm

Good afternoon guys,

Well, i've played an Soul hound on different servers -Yes, i'm sorry, I sinned for a while, didn't play official for a few months due to 1hour gaming per week-.
My question is; are Soulhounds any good in early game? With that I mean lv 74-79 pvp in A/S (Draconic).
Most people are in dynasty/moirai/vesper. So would I be able to do more then 200 dmg in pvp? (I like the magic side of SB's)
Any information? Did you ever pvp pre-80? or farmed 24/7? Are you any good in pvp without +++ armor? Since Kamael's got low pdef.
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