Top Grade Spirit Stone Augments for Mage

Top Grade Spirit Stone Augments for Mage

Postby TheAlleged » Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:51 pm

hey there, hoping to get some advice, I searched for answers online, no luck, i dont remember the caps for the stats on mage and what ones to ignore if your at or nearing cap, of if this is good advice to begin with.
What In your opinion is the best/good PVP and PVE Augment you can get for a mage? hope i am making sense :-/.

Mage is question is Feoh Mystic Muse, Fairly Stacked with end game gear

From Top Grade Spirit Stones- Currently the 2 Augments I have (one on my PVP weap and one on the PVE) :

Passive- M. Skill Crit Damage +8% on the PVE weap


Passive- M. Skill Crit Rate +10% on the PVP weap

Thanks much for your time! I know i might not have given all the info needed, i am happy to provide more info, i just didnt think everyone would want to read a full character sheet on my toon lol...
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