Enchanting Skills on StS

Enchanting Skills on StS

Postby Manwe » Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:22 am

Getting close to hit 84 on my StS, I have decided not to spend much on gear and try to enchant some skills bit more. Any info by experienced StS or backed up by hard evidence for

1) Skills worth to enchant
2) Enchant routes
3) Enchant level for 2nd/3rd class skills to be efficient

Enchanting towards a balanced toon meaning no special interest for PvP or PvE only enchanting. Just making a better toon.

Some thoughts ..

I knew that enchanting attack skills for power and debuffs for chance was the way to go, now some ppl suggest that enchanting attack skills for element and debuffs for time or power is better. There is a theory that +time or +power adds to the debuff chance and +element adds more to damage than +power even for 300+ elemented attacks. That does not seem to fit with everything I have seen till now. Is there any new info that I have missed ? Does the element damage still complies with well known Freya charts ? Does the Diego sponsored theory of enchanting skills still holds true (78 low / 78 mid / 78 high for each +1 for 2nd class skills or something like that) ? Are there any new Korean Labs tests that I may have missed out ?

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