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About innova.eu

Postby Lineage » Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:28 pm

How many english servers has innova.eu? Average population? Naia's population has decreased sagnificantly lately. How about economy,item prices etc? For example at Naia R99 Bow clean is around 5billion.

And what time is server GMT?
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Re: About innova.eu

Postby Laby » Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:34 pm

Innova.eu got one EU server (with english names and english texts from NPC) called Core, and one server in Polish with Polish Client named Lilith (still in Glory Days afaik).

There is no information about the average population since the method to know offline the number of players on the server (like on http://tellier.iiens.net/l2/status/Naia.php) is blocked on Core. However I expect it to be between 2k and 3k players. There is not a lot of players with +++ boxes, most of players use the Premium Account tho, and they are able to dualbox if they want to. There is a big turnoever in the Party Matching from what I can see, even for raids (I never saw party matching rooms for Tauti on Naia).

I am not playing there a lot so I don't know about economy as much as other player, but basically prices are lower than on Naia (you can just login and check yourself the AH from Talking Island :P) but it's somewhat hard to find some gear. Adenas seems to drop a bit more from mobs than on Naia tho

Server seems to be GMT+0 but not sure about this one. I will have to check.
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Re: About innova.eu

Postby KenLee » Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:57 pm

Laby wrote:I never saw party matching rooms for Tauti on Naia

Neither on Chronos but there isn't party matching for anything big like Octavis, Extreme Istina & Octavis, Fake Antharas instance or others that require more than a group. Everyone is doing it with clans and friends.
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