About transactions involving real money

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About transactions involving real money

Postby Laby » Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:50 pm

Hello everyone,

With the launch of the classic servers from Innova (RU), this forum has seen some activity regarding transactions involving real money for accounts, skin codes. We, moderator of Rochand, feel uncomfortable about those real-money transactions, especially when they happen in bulk. On the other hand, payment in Russia is not easy and it's OK when people help each other.

Therefore the transactions on this forum will be restricted to gift codes only in this topic. Any topic related to buying or selling accounts, ingame items or other illegal services will be directly deleted.

Please also consider that we can not provide any guarantee regarding trades. Don't forget that any trade you do is at your own risk .

Be careful when trading with unknown people, and enjoy Lineage II :)
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