A simple guide to play L2 Classic RU

This is the section dedicated to the Classic version of Lineage II

A simple guide to play L2 Classic RU

Postby Take0 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:56 pm

As asked by some of you here & around, here is a guide on how to join L2 classic RU :

Step 1 - Downloading the game & installing the game.
Install the 4 Game API here from here :
Reboot your computer
Go on the page, this time the game will start downloading.

Step2 - Create an account.
For this step nothing complicated, I used a phone outside of Russia (french) and received the activation codes as SMS ( make sure its a different phone from your EU account or delink it from EU), phone can be delinked after you run the game first time.

Step3 - Pay subscription in rubles.
Here, unless you are part of the few listen countries allowed to pay the subscription directly via card, i only found one solution : Webmoney.https://start.webmoney.ru/?ref=wiki_ru

This website, pretty much like Paypal, allows you to open "purses" in various currencies.
However to create a ruble purse, you will first need to get a "verified" account", for this you have to upload your ID or passport on their website and wait aprox 1 day to obtain the rubles purse (for free).
Link : https://wiki.wmtransfer.com/projects/webmoney/wiki/Uploading_documents_to_the_Verification_Centre
Then just feed a USD/EUR purse and convert them into your ruble purse, voilà, you can now pay the 300r monthly sub via Webmoney.

Step4 - Starting the game
Before starting the game, make sure to have your regional settings on Russian or the game won't start.
For each box you need a different browser.

Let me know if anything is unclear but it should be pretty straight forward! HF and cya where big things happen :ugeek: !
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