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Postby Elmar » Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:07 pm

CDVM wrote:i think there is a permanent event in Classic KR Server in which they introduced a ranking system, can u confirm it elmar? ^^ ... D%ED%82%B9

Yes, "My Ranking" is a permanent (상시 resp. 常時) feature. It's basically a competition who acquires the most exp per week, every Wednesday rewards are given out to the 1000 most assiduous hunters. The rewards are for example a 7 day Talisman of Glory (which is not a Talisman but a Rune you must have in your Inventory) that gives +1 to all stats (STR, INT etc.) for the first rank or a 20 minute Buff Scroll for the 800th ~ 1000th rank: ... B9#hd17622

The intention is of course to induce players to actually play the game and burn Game Time Points :D
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