To 4r4m: Retributers in Etina's End

Here you will find information about the updates known in Korea as "Etina's End", "The Return of the Forgotten Kings" and "Orfen"

To 4r4m: Retributers in Etina's End

Postby Kahwi » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:51 pm

According to your latest video uploaded regarding the weapon differences used in the post-salvation Wynn Summoner, the test was not conclusive, as I see it.

1) The fact that used weapons of the same rank (S80) did not help much because the difference of P.Atk between Vesper Singer and Vesper Retributer is considerable. (Vesper Retributer > Vesper Singer)

2) I understand by the Spectral Master's preference in the video itself, but knowing that the class already has a specific skill that significantly increases the P.Atk of the pets.

So I'd like it if possible to redo the same test, but with weapons that are different, in the case, but with p.atk almost identical. (In the case here, I see no other option comparing Retributer vs. 2-handed Tauti weapon or 2-handed Frenzied Tauti weapon)
And yet with some other Wynn Summoner other than the Spectral Master.
If possible, with both scenarios together would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: To 4r4m

Postby Illogical » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:11 pm

You can clearly see the Vesper Two-Hand Blunt and the Vesper Staff both giving the boost (105% P.Atk) while the other weapons don't. The difference in P.Atk is just causes because the Blunt v Staff have different base P.Atk

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Re: To 4r4m

Postby Aram » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:41 pm

Hi Kahwi, unfortunately I can't retest it with tauti/kelbim/shadow because NPC Event Managers (GM Cats) didn't have that. Also in PTS nobody farming tauti fragments.
But description of summoner's passive weapon skill not changed.
M. Atk. + 24%, additional M. Atk. + 2083, Casting Spd. + 23%, M. Critical Rate + 6%.
P. Atk. + 105%, Additional P. Atk. + 1586 when a Two-Handed Staff or a Two-Handed Blunt Weapon is equipped.
P. Accuracy + 4. INT + 2.
Depending on your INT, the Cooldown resets or the duration increases by 2 times.
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To 4r4m: Retributers in Etina's End

Postby Kahwi » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:10 pm

Thank you 4r4m, was all I needed to know.
My only concern was regarding the current classification of certain weapons already in progress in Korea.
There are a few very badly informed Wynns trading their Retributers for other weapons.
In my view, despair.
Or rather, they prefer uncertainty than their belief in taking such an attitude.
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Re: To 4r4m: Retributers in Etina's End

Postby MYSTERYouse » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:50 am

To be honest, I am also bit lost in the whole weapon classification changes including SoS buff. So far I can understand, is that the weapon of Wynns remains a retributor even with it's re-classification to "cane". The main difference is that use of retri will no longer be benefitial for other classes? SoS should still work normally applying crit dmg to 2h blunts (which restricts its effect other than the Patt increase for retri being classified as "cane").

Please correct me where I am wrong.
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Re: To 4r4m: Retributers in Etina's End

Postby Elmar » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:58 pm

You are not wrong at all :)

Simply put, the problem from a Titan's point of view is that the lvl 83 Shillien Templar skill Spirit of Shilen and its description remains the same, while the classification of Retributers has changed. So the one doesn't go together with the other any more.

Here is Spirit of Shilen:

Image ... 둔기 무기 장비시 크리티컬 위력을 100%% 증가시키고 일정 확률로 적에게 가한 물리 대미지의 40%%를 HP로 회복시킨다. ... 4%EB%A0%8C

... when a Blunt Weapon is equipped, Critical Damage increases by 100% and, with a certain probability, 40% of the physical damage inflicted on the enemy is recovered as HP.

And here is the reclassification that took place on August 2:

레트리뷰터 - 기존 구분: 둔기/양손 - 변경 구분: 지팡이/양손 ... eId=630883

Retributer - current classification: Blunt/Two-Handed - changed classification: Staff/Two-Handed

This means that in order to be able to enjoy the Critical Damage increase bestowed by Spirit of Shilen, Titans must as of next summer use true Blunt Weapons, like for example a Two-Handed Tauti Axe or a heavily overenchanted Vesper Crusher.

Summoners, on the other hand, had their Superior Weapon Mastery changed so that as of next summer they can use either a Two-Handed Blunt Weapon like the Tauti Axe for more P.Atk. of their servitors or a Two-Handed Staff (formerly known as Retributer) for more power of their Marks.
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Re: To 4r4m: Retributers in Etina's End

Postby Bajzel » Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:23 pm

Hi. What about dual blunts? Atm sos crits doesn't apply to them but after change they are blunts. Will duelist be new top dps class with sos?
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Re: To 4r4m: Retributers in Etina's End

Postby Elmar » Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:36 pm

This would require confirmation by in-game testing, but Dual Blunts are now indeed classified as 둔기/양손 aka Two-Handed Blunt, the same as Crushers/크러셔: ... eId=630883

Please note, the reclassification of Dual Swords to 도검/양손 aka Two-Handed Sword, the same as Slashers/크러셔, has led to a bug where Warrior Classes never got Lightning Force activated when equipping the two weapons: ... eId=630964

It is possible that there were similar problems with Dual Blunts and Crushers. Since the developers generally don't want 3rd class skills to be used in post-Awakening hunting grounds, any problems with Spirit of Shilen certainly wouldn't have gotten fixed.
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