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Here you will find information about NCsoft's new MOBA based on Lineage II, both the Korean and the Russian version

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Postby KenLee » Sun May 27, 2018 9:19 pm

Good point. Western players have different mentality nowadays, while going east you can see that some of the old ones still standing up today. I remember a time when L2 was quite successful in the west, when we were playing the original classic, playing all day after work, so we all were there at some point. But I can't see the same people going over the same thing again, and I expect even less from new players. Maybe I'm older now or I don't like repeating the same experience again, or who knows, but I'm one of those that don't want to repeat it, so no classic for me. It requires a lot of patience and attention, which seems that I have less of both than years ago.

While this moba style game seems more attractive, not to forget that MXM was also a moba style game and it was closed this year by NCWest. It can be popular or unexpectedly unpopular, who knows.

On a side note, the Korean Aion master server was also closed this year, or the end of last year. It was the equivalent of L2 classic but for Aion. It was less and less popular and this makes me believe that even Koreans are changing their view on these old hardcore games, where you lose items and what not.
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