High level hunting spots

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High level hunting spots

Postby Hamster » Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:43 pm

While the no xp event is on I like to explore those all h-lvl areas. I am a little suprised about some things... Let's see:

Land of Chaos - mobs have written: low pdef, polearm weakness. A 99 lvl titan with polearm hitting mobs for 3-4 k on crit... I know it's a special designed for big party, so small/solo can clean toilet here but this damage comparing to high damage from mobs is a little funny :p VR has nothing to do here. Ppls are xping on this spot sometimes? Heard of a top mage party here so for what is that polearm weakness?

Hellbound - solo spot where VR (vampiric rage) has to say nothing. I don't know what is that deal with 3, 4 k on crit while in pagans around 200k to 300k. Yes it's doable and we can calmly hit mobs here and kills one by one with no prob. Didn't was yet on "small party" spot - hope I don't get one hit and die there :p

I'm just curious about that damage difference between those and other spots :) They have a hidden superpdef ability even when there is low pdef written? 200k on crit vs 3, 4k on crit is something funny :)

Ah and about GF - saw on Innova in their patch notes: "Chaos Shield monster skill animation has been deleted." so our NCWest again translated patch notes incorrectly saying that whole Chaos Shield will be removed.

So what do you guys have to say here, I'm just wondering cause I have atm no ppls to xp with so don't know exactly those hlvl spots, was just on an explorer mode there :D

Thanks and greetings :)
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Re: High level hunting spots

Postby random » Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:07 pm

In Land of Chaos tyrrs are only useful for stun/provoke, mages will do 10x more dmg easily. This is the best xp/hour in the game outside of HB but you need a really strong mage party to XP in LoC.

Titan can solo in small party area of HB with good gear, I saw some russian Titan with tauti axe, br, frenzy, pain of shilen 3 shotting mobs ;)
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Re: High level hunting spots

Postby SirBash » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:25 pm

As a 99 tyrr I hit for 10-20k without boosts... At loc

Loc just needs an average healer, a well skilled iss that knows the class and actually heals, and a good tyrr that can dps almost as much as a mage and help spread aggro away from tank. Really easy.
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Re: High level hunting spots

Postby Schierke » Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:34 pm

LOC is good for mages
With Other DD (Wynn,tyrr, etc..)
You can xp in GF make trains (i xp solo there with my WARLORD) 15kk/mob
Pagan Temple (good for wyns othel cuzz mana drop there) 15kk/mob
Alsoe good is Orbis 2/3 for wynns (u need ISS on box + sub Dark Elf Sumoner for hex from Cubic its land pretty well there) 18-20kk/mob
Blazing Swamp its good too for archers/wynns/daggers 15-20kk/mob.
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